Team Members

Team Members


BOLO Network was founded by visionary technologist Shakeel Bajwa with a sole objective: to make data safe.  BOLO’s products do just that.  BOLO’s multi-patented Random Byte Shuffling (RBS) and Random Packet Scattering (RPS) technologies support a set of products that protect data at rest and data in motion.

BOLO’s obfuscation algorithms are different from conventional encryption:

  1. It works in real-time without substantial demands on processing and mathematical computation
  2. It offers a virtual infinite level of randomness that cannot be penetrated regardless of the computing power applied.

BOLO is based in Palo Alto, California.

Meet Our Team

Shakeel M. Bajwa
Management, CTO
Dr. Aater Suleman
co-founder and CEO of Flux7
Dr. Saeed Iqbal
Senior Systems Engineer
Mandeep Dhoat
Technical Advisor
Stephen Breheny
President , Sierra Bravo
Frank DeJoy
Director, GeoVisible, Inc.
Harpreet Walia