Team Members

Team Members


BOLO Network, Inc., was founded with a clear vision in mind and with a sole objective to make the data secure. BOLO’s products do just that.  BOLO’s multi-patented Random Byte Shuffling (RBS) and Random Packet Scattering (RPS) technologies support a set of products that protect data at rest and data in motion.

BOLO’s obfuscation algorithms are different from conventional encryption:

  1. It works in real-time without substantial demands on processing and mathematical computation
  2. It offers a virtual infinite level of randomness that cannot be penetrated regardless of the computing power applied.

BOLO is based in Palo Alto, California.

Meet Our Team

Shakeel Bajwa: After earning his Master’s Degree in Physics and a Master’s Degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering, he started his extensive Research and Development career at AT&T Bell Laboratories at Holmdel, New Jersey. His focal point of his research has always been in the field of advanced networking communication. He participated in co-authoring Request for Proposals for Internet Engineering Tasks Force. His possesses extensive research experience in the innovative field of Random Byte Shuffling (RBS). RBS transforms the digital information into the random collection of bytes. A hacker may steal the digital information compromised in the form of random shuffled bytes, but he will not be able to extract any information out of the random shuffled bytes.

Dr. Aater Suleman, having a Ph.D. in High Performance Computing has supervised the development efforts and then the successful implementation of BOLO’s Core Technology, “Random Byte Shuffling” (RBS) Technology. He is a Technology Council Contributor for Forbes. Dr. Suleman actively puts his background in technology and experience as a professor at the University of Texas at Austin to work on designing systems for continuous improvement at the world’s leading brand

Dr. Saeed Iqbal holds a Doctor’s Degree in High Performance Computing (HPC) from the University of Texas at Austin.  He led the efforts to optimize the performance of Random Byte Shuffling technology. His interests include, performance modeling and analysis of parallel and distributed architectures.

Mandeep Dhoat leads the strategic direction for all technology initiatives, the Enterprise Professional Security global teams and directs cybersecurity consulting services. Mr Dhoat joined the WaveStrong in 2009 and is a Cyber Security Executive with over 13 years of experience in the fields of Security risk management, architecture, strategy experience, data management, and networking.

Frank DeJoy is currently serving as CEO of Spectrum Effect, a technology solution that helps mobile communication to make the most of their valuable spectrum assets through AI & machine learning analytics. While at AT&T Wireless, Frank led the growth of the mobile multimedia services network from its inception through its support of over a billion dollars in annual revenues within three years. He advised several technology firms including Bolo Network Inc.