Who We Are


BOLO’s innovative vision is to create Global Networking and Data Storage Environments which should be practically non-hackable. The ever-increasing hacking epidemic needs to be stopped.  BOLO’s products do just that.  Based on it’s multi-patented Random Byte Shuffling (RBS) technology BOLO has created a set of products that protect data at rest and data in motion – GUARANTEED! BOLO’s obfuscation algorithms are different from today’s breakable encryption:

  1. Work in real-time without any demand of mathematical computation power
  2. Offer an unbreakable (infinity) level of randomness that cannot be broken regardless of computing power

BOLO’s customers can store data in the cloud with the comfort of knowing that even if users credentials are compromised, hackers will only obtain data that will consist of “Random Bytes” identifying or revealing NO Information Contents – Data which is absolutely unidentifiable – no ifs ands or buts

Best of all, BOLO’s RBS Technology prevents uploading of malicious executable code, including DAY ZERO attacks. Thus it makes impossible for any massive data breaches to occur

And lastly BOLO’s WAN solutions stop the “Men in the middle attack”.

BOLO – no compromises – 100% security.

Meet Our Team

Axel Tillmann
CEO, BOLO Network
Dr. Aater Suleman
co-founder and CEO of Flux7
Dr. Saeed Iqbal
Senior Systems Engineer
Mandeep Dhoat
Technical Advisor
Harpreet Walia
CEO Wavestrong
Ish Dugal
Experienced Venture Capital / Growth Equity Investor
Tom Thomas
Partner Pillsbury Law
Max Shapiro
CEO PoepleConnect
Stephen Breheny
President , Sierra Bravo
Frank DeJoy
Director, GeoVisible, Inc.