Your Data. Your Control.
BOLO Random Byte Shuffling (RBS) and Random Packet Scattering (RPS) technologies offer a much higher level of control over you data security, storage and management that far exceeds conventional encryption. BOLO gives you complete control over your data by eliminating unauthorized access, use and hacking. It renders your secured data meaningless to unauthorized users. BOLO’s web server and appliance-based solutions make it impossible for anyone to use your secured data or allow malicious code into your systems, servers and devices. BOLO’s patented process gives you complete control over your data.

What Makes You More Secure?

AES: 1.15 x 1077

256-bit AES encryption is limited

to 1.15 x 1077 combinations

RBS: 7.3 x 103917

RBS applies 7.3 x 103917 shuffling

combinations to a 1460 byte TCIP payload

High Level Data Security

BOLO derives its power by applying Random Byte Shuffling (RBS) technology that can randomly shuffle 1460 bytes of a typical IP Packet payload into one of the 7.3 x 103987 possible shuffling states. By comparison, 256-bit AES encryption is limited to 1.15 x 1077 combinations.

Exceptional Processing Speed

BOLO processing is executed at line rate – orders of magnitude faster than traditional encryption, virtually eliminating any process delay. For example, encrypting 32 bytes of data typically requires up to 40 clock cycles – RBS scatters bytes more efficiently, requiring only 5 clock cycles for the same payload. RBS can run on a local server, computer or in the cloud. On a local server it takes about 733 nano seconds to randomly shuffle an IP packet of 1460 bytes – or roughly 0.5 second per Gigabyte of shuffled data

Transparent Delivery

BOLO RBS works transparently – it does not rely on an underlying encryption algorithm related to the data payload. Digital signatures are mapped to the “shuffling state” of the data at its origin and applied to “de-shuffle” that data using a BOLO device to restore the data. The process leaves no trace in the data payload of how the data has been processed. Each process run applies a new random pattern that is never repeated. No changes to your existing network setup are required.

Complete Data Security

BOLO outputs are generated using digital signatures calculated over the entire data set, vastly increasing overall security. It protects any data, regardless of OS, size or format, whether at rest or in motion. Random Byte Shuffling eliminates any data threat, including trojan horses, malware, viruses and executable code, including Java, JavaScript, PHP, C#, Dojo, Python, Elixir, Rust, Go, TypeScript, Ruby on Rails and Swift. BOLO RBS Technology shuffles the byte patterns, so malicious code can inflict damages to your data.