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Massive Data Theft Prevention
The “modern plagues” are the recently increased assaults to Cybersecurity.  Technology wise we have to understand and accept that the plethora of attack vectors, used by hackers, makes it virtually impossible to keep hackers out of the private and corporate networks.  BOLO Network addresses the challenge through a new appliance based technology. This implementation makes it impossible to upload malicious code to servers, intercept traffic traversing through the Internet, or stealing Cloud Storage information.  At the core is BOLO’s patented Random Byte Shuffling (RBS) technology and Random Packet Scattering (RPS) technology.  While we are learning that conventional encryption (AES256) has become an open book to hackers, BOLO’s RBS offers security algorithms that are infinitely more secure and unbreakable by any computing technology. At the same time there is no impact to throughput performance.

What Makes You More Secure

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New Security Standard

BOLO derives its power of obfuscation from the fact that the TCP/IP payload is 1460.  What we do is random byte shuffling leading to a 1460! (factorial) number of choices.  But the best feature is that it is executed at line rate.  The demand for throughput performance curbs typically the ability to encrypt in real-time.  Not so with BOLO.  Anything and everything can be shuffled at line rate.

Transparent Installation into Existing Networks

BOLO works transparent.  There are no changes to your network setup required.  The day you decide to work with BOLO you will be protected without any further delay. Fiduciary Duty requires that your data is safe and not vulnerable to attacks.  We just don’t provide more administrative hurdles to fix the problem of compromised credentials – we fix the massive data breach!  That simple. BOLO protection provides piece of mind.

DAY ZERO Attack Prevention

With BOLO in front of you server farm no malicious code attack not even ZERO DAY will ever succeed.  The transparent BOLO appliance obfuscates all data including the attack, rending it useless on the server.  Nothing will exist on the server that the hacker will be able to execute.  This is the end of massive breaches.


Cloud Storage Gateway

Our cloud storage gateway protects your data stored with any cloud storage solution (ie. Amazon AWS, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, iDrive, GDrive and many more). Hackers can steal your credentials but the data they see is not usable. Game Over.

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On Premise Server Protection

Protect all your data servers with BOLO and hackers will never be able to upload malicious code that allows them to transmit data to themselves. This is the end of massive data breaches. BOLO’s obfuscation is that good that you could allow people to walk away with the physical server, and all they accomplished that they have access to 100% random data.

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BOLO WAN Gateway

BOLO WAN gateway installs into the perimeter for all data traffic that is destined between corporate facilities. At real time all traffic is Random Byte Shuffled and hence the Men in the Middle attack will never obtain valuable information.

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Why BOLO Network

BOLO offers the first and only solution where you can say with 100% comfort that you are no longer afraid that hackers stole credentials. What that past teaches us is that all products combined (SIEM, Firewalls, IPS, IDS, DLP) did not stop the hacking from occurring. We might as well except it. But what BOLO demonstrates is that you don’t have to worry any longer that anybody will succeed in massive data breaches. Secure your data in rest and in motion with BOLO, that is an investment that counts.

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